Growing your Business on Facebook

Growing Your Business on Facebook

Facebook is used by billion people every month. This is exactly what makes it an unbeatable platform to advertise worldwide. With the right knowledge, Facebook can be used to reach your target client base. This is known to all the major worldwide service providers and sellers. And the smaller local businesses have been trying to grow a community around their establishments. If advertised at the right time and to the right audience, a business could earn a fortune. Facebook advertising has no limits to potential earnings when done correctly. Following are some tips to follow to achieve the maximum out of your business:

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

1. Create simple ads.
It is always overwhelming to look at a post with too many lines of information and colours. Just like it is difficult to understand a complex video ad. The idea is to convey your product and services in a simple and positive way. It makes sense to keep your ads simple and classy.

2. Mastering Facebook Ads manager.
The Facebook ads manager lets you choose your audience. One can advertise to the people of their liking if you know whom to pick. This tool is provided by Facebook where you can have all the insights about your audience and how an ad is performing.

3. Keep them awake.
When your brand is online, and people start recognizing it is time to keep them awake and chatty (metaphorically!). Try posting polls and quizzes. Holding contests is an excellent ploy to keep the audience interested and responsive.

4. Be humane.
People are inherently good at heart. They appreciate positivity and originality. It is a good idea to add your personal touch. And treat women, children, the elderly and the needy with compassion. Not only that is the right thing to do but also it generates societal support for your brand.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing

5. Time your posts right.
You need to gauge when to run your posts on Facebook. If you deal in men’s toiletries in India it is better to run your ads in the evening till late at night. Because most of the working Indian men can watch your ad uninterruptedly in the evening.

6. Respond quickly.
If you run ads on Facebook and provided you appeal to the right audience a few buyers may convey their queries using messenger. The messenger needs to be set up as a chatbot, like the ManyChat service so that the queries are responded to in real-time, any time of the day. This makes the buyer feel important and cared for. Now the buyer feels compelled to respect your brand in return.

7. Don’t compromise on content.
Make sure you only post quality content at regular intervals to retain the audience’s interest. Don’t compromise on the quality of your posts – all posts.

8. Join appropriate groups.
Network well. Find and join the groups appropriate to your audience. This keeps you in the front row and keeps you aware of the developments in the arena.

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